Tuesday, March 8, 2011

welcome to my new blog!!!

hey folks i just want to say welcome to my new blog. basically ill bring up Christian and Conservative topics and put my two cents in. In addition Ill put reviews of shows ive been to and movies ive seen.

so lets start off with the Haste the Day Farewell tour show that i saw on Saturday 03/05/11
There were 5 bands that played in the order as follows 1) some small band that i did not hear the name of 2) A plea for purging 3) The Chariot 4) My Children My Bride and 5) Haste the Day
The show was pretty good, but when the Chariot came on it got nuts and intense. One kid went to the hospital after the drummer from the chariot tossed his base drum into the crowd
After that i was being pressed up against the stage and really could not take it anymore so.....i just went to the back of the crowd and enjoyed the show "peacefully".......so to speak.......more or less........lol

Haste the Day was pretty good, and thought in my opinion that Stephen Keech would not be able to do as a good of a job on the original HTD but......i thought he did a really great job, and it was great when he told everybody up front what the band had believed in about Jesus, however none of the other bands expressed their views in that large manner of degree.

As a final note, my camera had died that night, the cause of death was from one of the guitarists from the band  "The Chariot" and what happened as he jumped off the stage to crowd surf, he smashed the lens into my camera. i honestly dont think he knew what he was doing, the show was that intense.

All in all i got some really great shots

thats it for tonight and hopefully i can keep up to date with this blog.

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