Monday, March 28, 2011

Today I want to talk about how old is to old? In this case, society is pushing younger girls to look older, to wear older clothes and just everything older. I think maybe about back in January or in late 2010 a company was marketing makeup to tween girls (ages 10-14, 15?). Girls dont really need to wear makeup at that age. Now Abercrombie and Fitch, the clothing company, are marketing bikinis and padded bikini tops towards this same age group and even younger like the age of seven.

First of all why is this so? Young girls don't have the features to wear bikinis, and in my opinion, the reader may disagree with me on this, but they are not mature enough, and then you have the pedophiles loking at them.

I quote Fox "The Ashley Triangle push-up, comes complete with thick padding for breast enhancement....damage potentially done to young girls in making them feel inadequate with pre-adolescent bodies."

So here is another issue, these suits are going to make girls want to have breasts, or they dont think they are good enough with their bodies.

And then some people think leading a padded bra will lead to sexual promiscuity, why? I dont know I am not a pyschologist, maybe because young girls get the wrong kind of confidence.

I have here the link to the full story


  1. I am disappointed to see Fox blaming the parents. They are trapped with two bad choices. If they send their children in traditionally age appropriate clothing they will be victimized by their peers. Do you send your kids off into a violent and hostile environment with a big bull’s eye, or hurry their development by buying them clothing geared towards older kids that will let them fit in?

  2. True that Fox blames the parents, but parents should have a solid responsibility, if they let their kids wear skimpy clothes, people will think the parents are bad parents for letting their kids dressing that way. On the other hand we need to dress our kids in a cool what parents need to do is dress their kids in a cool yet conservative way, unfortunatley boys have it easier than girls.