Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music to sway people,

a friend of mine inspired me to write this

When it comes to music, what do you think is the purpose of it? To entertain? To inspire? To sway people?

Sure music is to entertain us, i enjoy a good show. Music also inspires us, when i listen to Demon Hunter's "Storm the Gates of Hell" song it gives me great courage to stand up to my sins, next to Christ and overcome sin.

Music i believe is used to sway people. One example is the hippie music of the 1960's, along with drugs it got people rowled up to protest the Vietanm war, Nazi politcial music got the Germans rowled up during World War 2 to support der Furher and thus said music swayed people to go to war.

So whats my point? lets take a look at Christian music and secular music: Christian music sways people to christ, worship music has been known to make people reach up to the sky, or weep because they are feeling God's presence. I know this because it has happened to me before, and i will say that being in that type of worship is like a drug, that causes immense feeling, and something that makes you want to go back and experience again and again.

Secular music: has been known to sway people to follow their passions, and not follow God. I recall that i was invited to see August Burns Red, a christian hardcore band that performed with A Day To Remember. By the time ADTR had started, they were using the F word, and saying lets f this place up. I was highly appalled at how they were able to use this word. So in the middle of their performance, i left.

OK you might be thinking get used to the real world and not your christian world, EJ. Well see I am already used to the real world. I do civil war reenacting, and some of those guys use the F word, they also look at women, in an un-godly mannered way.

Grant it, ADTR has a lot of fans, but personally I think their music sucks big time. I only say that because they are not doing any good, and lets say they all converted to Christianity, I feel that those guys can sway a lot of people to Christ, just like how Haste the Day hopefully swayed people to Christ during their final tour.
Now as a christian band every lyric does not have to be about Christ, but you can do a lot more if you put positive lyrics out there and say that you are Christians and are here on this earth to serve a higher purpose.

As a word, people who know me might ask me: EJ why do you listen to Christian Music? It personally makes me happy, I know it pleases my God. When you pass away and see God face to face, and when He asks you, what have you done for Me? Other than saying that you accepted his son as your savior, what else will you say?

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